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Day of the Dead Craft Beer announces national launch at NBWA Convention

LAS VEGAS (September 30, 2013) Day of the Dead Craft Beer has officially launched on a national level beginning with launch party and NBWA convention in Las Vegas.  The beer brand has been on the market with a soft launch since May of 2013.

“We have been waiting for this day for over two years,” said Joe Belli, VP Sales for the brand.  “We wanted to do this right so we took our time and developed every aspect of the brand with quality in mind and didn’t rush any part of it.”  “Packaging is always important to a brand and I think we nailed that but most important is the quality of the liquid.”  The brewmaster at Cerveceria Mexicana, brewery and owner of the brand, did an amazing job.  We had over 40 recipes to choose from and finally picked these six.”

Cerveceria Mexican is the third largest brewery in Mexico and has been making world class beer for many years.   “We wanted to introduce the brewery to the US and worldwide market and show that we can make great craft beer in Mexico.”  “So far the demand and acceptance has been overwhelming.  Since the soft launch started we have had consumers, distributors and retailers very interested and buying the brand as fast as we can make it,” said Belli. “Our plan was just to get the word out and then meet with distributors at the NBWA, but we have already signed distributors in over 20 states and have had great repeat business.”

The launch party was held at Diablo’s Mexican Cantina on the Vegas strip.  Complete with great beer and Mexican food the party featured the walking dead models.  There are seven characters depicted on the labels of the Day of the Dead Craft Beer.  These Dead characters were there live in person complete with body paint and authentic handmade costumes for guests to meet and take a photo opportunity.

Belli also commented, “At the NBWA convention we had interest from distributors in all 50 states and several importers from around the world.”  “We are very happy to see the excitement the brand is creating.  We will focus on working with the distributors we have now and discuss expanding around the first of the year.”


The Brewery


Day of the Dead beer is the first fully developed, fully accessible craft beer to come out of mexico brewed at cerveceria mexicana
Mexican owned, mexican brewed
Located 100 yards from the US border in tecate mexico
Quality Control: State of the art laboratory with modern equipment
Water is filtered via reverse osmosis
Capacity 75,000 barrels and plenty of room to expand


About Day of the Dead

For 3000 Years the Aztecs honored the unique character of the deceased individuals in annual celebration.  Now Day of the Dead Craft beer is produced to celebrate those traditions with extreme care given to its individual flavors and packaging.  Day of the Dead artwork has gained a large following so artists well known in this arena hand painted the original works of art  used for the labels and packaging of the brand.  The liquid was developed by the brewery management team and fine-tuned by the head brewmaster at Cerveceria Mexicana, the brewery that owns and produces this quality beer.


About Cerveceria Mexicana

Cerveceria Mexicana is the third largest brewery in Mexico located in Tecate, Mexico.  Best known for its flagship brand Mexicali, the brewery produces over forty labels of beer.  Boasting state of the art equipment Cerveceria Mexicana has capacity to brew over 100,000 barrels per year and is expanding rapidly.  Contact for the brewery is Director General Leonard Moreno at


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